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One of my favorite real life characters from the Old West is William Barclay "BAT" Masterson. He was well known as a Gunfighter as well as a gambler, Buffalo Hunter, U.S. Marshall and Army Scout. He was friends with Wyatt Earp and served with Earp on the "Dodge City Peace Commission." Naturally he was involved in many shootouts and because of his quick draw and survival instincts, "BAT" always came out on top. If you have not heard of Bat Masterson, you should look him up:) Obviously, just turned the real life Bat Masterson into an actual Bat! I know it's not the MOST creative solution in the world but I just wanted to draw a cowboy and it does not get more fun than having an excuse to draw a bat and a cowboy all at once!

This is a life drawing of a Macaque I did a long while back. I just found a scan of it in my folders and thought I'd share it. I'll have to sift through more to find the rest of my animal life drawings. Drawing at the zoo used to be one of my favorite activities.