The Art of Jeff Murchie

Pitt Boss Concept for Skylanders Imaginators "Sensei" toy

Senior Concept Artist

Activision / Toys for Bob


“toys-to-life” character concept

Photoshop CS2

Some sample text

Here is the original concept I designed for Pitt Boss. He was designed for Skylanders Imaginators as a "Sensei" hero toy. Initially we were worried that he looked too much like a villian but ultimately we decided we liked having at least one character that was a little edgy in the overall character lineup. He was actually one of the first characters approved for the game! There are a couple differences with the original concept and the final toy. This concept was created before the gold sensei belt was incorporated into the game design. I changed the final belt design after this concept was made in some toy pose sketches. Some of the detail on the armor chestpeice was reduced and we also shrunk his head down on the final toy sculpt. His head size looked great in concept but once we had the final sculpt in 3D he looked "young" with a larger head. I will post the toy pose concepts shortly.