The Art of Jeff Murchie

Product Design


Senior Concept Artist


Activision / Toys for Bob



Concept / Product Design for “Skylanders: Imaginators”

This is just one example of steps that were taken from early sketches, final concept and through to a completed physical toy/product.

Although I am a concept artist at Toys for Bob on the Skylanders franchise, I'm also heavily involved in exploring both the visual and practical challenges for our toys. For Skylanders Imaginators, I worked hard on creating a new look for the elemental bases.

If you are not familiar with Skylanders, these bases are essential because they contain the RFID tag that hold the toy character's information which is unlocked after placing the character toy on the "Portal of Power." The RFID tag sends a signal to the console and brings the character to life on screen.

The base is a new "skateboard" shape which is standard for all characters and allows for a wider stance and dynamic pose. Having more dynamic poses helped to separate and add a new level of interest to this installation of toys in the Skylander universe. Each base needed new elemental motifs to communicate to the customer which element and powers they could expect from a character of particular interest. The final motifs are the actual images that were imported into the Zbrush files and extruded to give the base motifs dimensional relief detail.

All toy products I conceptualized and helped develop through to each of their final physical products.