The Art of Jeff Murchie

Skylander Toy Design: KING PEN

This is my final concept for King Pen. He was one of the first characters that I designed for Skylanders Imaginators and he was one of the first to be approved as a Sensei toy! He is one of my personal favorites because he is my first character toy design but also because he was chosen to be featured in the Skylanders Imaginators starter pack along with the Golden Queen.

Here are a few pose exploration sketches. After the final design for each toy was approved we needed to establish a dynamic pose that was not only eye catching but able to fit into packaging. King Pen was chosen to be in the starter pack for a couple reasons. First, he is clearly a strong heroic character which is important to communicate. Secondly, his pose was flatter than the poses we settled on for other character so he was ideal for packaging in the starter pack.


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