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Skylander Trap Team Concept Art

So if you're a fan of the Skylanders series and have picked up a copy of "Skylander's Trap Team," then you're probably familiar with the Golden Queen. She was the first boss concept I worked on for Trap Team. We went through many iterations and this is the concept we went forward with.

She will also be featured as a toy in the upcoming installment, Skylanders Imaginators. I was part of not just the concept phase but worked on the toy design side of production which included paint op selection (and reduction), part count and posing. I also conceptualized the elemental base motifs. It's such a privilege to be a part of such a fun project.

Tae Kwon Crow enemy concept from “Skylanders: Trap Team.” He was one of the bosses and trappable villains from Trap Team.

This is my concept for Chef Pepper Jack, a boss from "Skylanders Trap Team." I had a lot of fun working on this concept. I drew probably a couple dozen character designs for this guy before settling on the red hot chili pepper direction. I initially drew a lot of butcher knives and meat tenderizers as possible weapons but they felt too violent and not particularly funny. I think the hand cranked egg beater added the funny element the character needed and using the egg beater in game (after you've trapped him) is awesome. Jason Findley (a super talented character modeler) translated the concept into a beautiful 3D model and the animators blew it out of the park to give him so much added character. The boss fight with Chef Pepper Jack is one of my favorite moments in the game. I hope you like Chef Pepper Jack and I will post more concepts from "Skylanders Trap Team" soon!

This is "Buzz" from Skylanders: Trap Team. He was one of the lead story driving characters and narrated and informed the player about the different dynamics affecting Skylands. On the left are a number of sketches that I did as we narrowed down what we wanted to convey visually about his character.

This was one of my favorite characters to design while working on Trap Team. Turtles are always cool. I can't remember who came up with the name "Bombshell," but I think it's perfect. I love his in-game animations and the themed music he runs to is a blast (pun reluctantly intended....). We did add a helmet onto him as a variant late in development.

Slobbertrap enemy concept for "Skylanders: Trap Team."

Here is my first batch of "Skylander Trap Team" Villain concepts. There will be more to come shortly. These are the final concepts before they were passed along to the character modelers, tech artist and animators. It's so fun to see how they translate in-game. The character modelers did a great job and the animators gave so much life and humor to the character's personalities. Check the game out! It's super fun. You get to capture and play the villains! It is a great experience and the funny dialogue is not to miss:)


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