The Art of Jeff Murchie

Skylanders Trap Team Sketches: CHEF PEPPER JACK!

These were the first bunch of sketches for Chef Pepper Jack, one of the "Doom Raider" villains who first appeared in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is one of the favorite villains of the series and is also featured in numerous episodes of "Skylanders Academy," an original Netflix series. These initial sketches are quite different from the final concept. We liked a lot of these designs but ultimately these sketches helped us discover that we wanted a larger, meaner looking bad guy. We wanted a villain that looked at least as tough as our Skylander heroes if not more fearsome. We don't always have a specific look in mind. As a studio we like to explore first and narrow down what works for each character and how they effect the story.

Senior Concept Artist

Activision / Toys for Bob