The Art of Jeff Murchie

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time! Environment Concept Art for the sewer system beneath Neo Cortex’s Castle/Lab

Modular Prop Concept for the spinning generator obstacles.

Wall run corridor for the underground sewer waste level.

Initial sketches for a doorway in the sewer/wast facility.

Color visualization for the final door and platform design.

Activated/deactivated electrical coil props that were used as simple obstacles throughout the level.

Overview concept for part of a side-scrolling secret level

Continuation of the secret side-scrolling level.

Concept capturing the toxic sewer level transitioning into an industrial magma level that leads to the base of Neo Cortex’s castle.

Modular components for an interactive gear apparatus that is an obstacle used by Crash to get to Neo Cortex’s Castle.

Neo Cortex’s Castle and hidden entrance.

Floating platform prop concept