The Art of Jeff Murchie

Create Your Own Skylander Concepts for "Skylanders: Imaginators"


Senior Concept Artist and Toy Designer


Activision / Toys for Bob





This set of concepts was for the "Create Your Own Skylanders" highlight of the new "Skylanders: Imaginators" game. In addition to creating toy and enemy concepts, I created concepts for props, weapons and set parts. Creating your own skylanders was a very fun feature. You unlock new set parts in a few different ways:

  1. Buying new toys which come with predetermined parts usually related to the character toy that you purchased.
  2. Buying physical "toy" treasure chests which are essentially blind packs but always promise unique and rare set parts
  3. Buying individual parts online through the in-game store (micro transactions)
  4. Progressing through the game and beating enemies and finding secret areas in the world is the primary way to find new set parts.

We wanted each set to have somewhere between 4-7 parts per set. There were some sets that required more parts than others and ultimately we were balancing time and workload. The great thing about Skylanders is we can really have fun with creating sets that can work as complete sets or be jumbled together to make entirely new designs and in most cases creating hilarious results that are unique to each individual player. Sometimes I like running around decked out in matching gladiator armor. Sometimes I feel like wearing the Toilet hat, the goop body and cowboy boots! The interchangeable parts, color adjustments, scaling, personality options and sounds effects really make the game so memorable. If you have read all of this, thank you for your interest and time!