The Art of Jeff Murchie

Pantone Color Guides



Pantone Color Guides used for toy production purposes for Skylanders Imaginators

Names of characters on each guide are not all final approved names. Some were purely names used for production purposes.

These are a few examples of a system I developed to better communicate with the toy manufacturers in China. Before I worked on the Skylander team, all paint option (color choices) discussions and feedback were discussed purely through written e-mail. After we would receive the physical product ( which could take up to 3 weeks ), we would notice inconsistencies or colors that were totally wrong like instead of an orange we would get a bright yellow on a particular area of a toy. This was very costly in terms of both time and money and we only had so many chances to get the colors right before we just had to commit and move forward. Sometimes there would be an error on the manufacturer’s side, sometimes it would be a typo (wrong Pantone number ) on our side.

I decided to make these Pantone Color Guides for every character in Skylanders Imaginators. Even if we were to accidentally make a Pantone number typo the manufacturer could still refer to the visual Keyshot render. After implementing these guides we rarely (if ever) had color errors going forward which allowed us more room for detailed adjustments in other areas of the toy production such as part break down and material treatments.